Traditionally, the ideal CRO partner have been assessed across five criteria: quality of services, experience, capabilities, cost of services, communication and relationship. However, there are further criteria to be considered:

  • Will you and your project get the attention you deserve?
  • Does your CRO have a global footprint to successfully perform your trial, or simply put, are they the right size?
  • Do they understand your pain points?
  • Do you share the same passion and values?
  • Do they have what it takes to accelerate your trial and bring the product to market quickly?

Here’s why Ergomed ticks all the right boxes:

  1. Biotech’s are all about innovation and we know the challenges involved.

    Due to our heritage in the co-development of drugs we understand the nuances of the drug development process.

  2. Unmatched Investigator and Site Support

    Ergomed was founded to address the inadequate support available to sites and investigators that traditional CROs were providing and to improve recruitment and retention rates.

  3. Ergomed CARE™

    Our proprietary, proactive, patient-centric solution is built to prevent potential friction points, bottlenecks and other problems that might lead to delays by carefully approaching every element of the trial. Our process ensures the best possible patient care and relieves sites and investigators of unnecessary workload.

  4. We bring the best minds to your trials

    Our experienced multiple award-winning teams bring knowledge and diverse therapeutic expertise in addition to a passion for clinical research.

  5. Our expertise in complex oncology and rare disease drug development is unrivaled.

    With 330+ studies conducted in Oncology and 200+ in rare disease, our Project team’s are ideally placed to partner with you and provide speed, reliability and predictability to your trials.

  6. Recognized for agility and responsiveness: no one can pivot faster and change course to attain your goal.

    Agility is built into the very core of our organization. Our flat organizational structure results in unrivalled responsiveness with the ability to adapt when circumstances change, or new challenges arise.

  7. We are just the right size: all the benefits of large CRO with none of the drawbacks.

    You will receive the attention large CROs could never provide, while our expertise and capabilities guarantee the successful running of even the most complex trials.

  8. Extensive global presence expanding into untapped emerging markets.

    Our global footprint ensures that your trial can performed in the right countries with a particular focus to expand into high recruiting emerging markets.

  9. Unrivaled pharmacovigilance capability provided by PrimeVigilance.

    PrimeVigilance is the leading pharmacovigilance provider in the world.